Why Bokxi?

Are you going to live on your own?
Moving to a new city? Bokxi is here to help!

It is time consuming and expensive to find all the essentials for your new home. You have better things to do! Seriously, Bokxi will make your life comfy and your Mom happy. Searching and shopping are no longer needed. Don’t waste time: it packs all the essentials, so you can go party!

Save money. I’m priceless.

  • Kitchen, Bathroom & Bedroom essentials
  • One stop shop
  • High Quality products
  • Makes your Mom happy
  • Impress your flatmates
  • Order today and tomorrow you’re all set!
Save time with Bokxi! Save Time
Save money with Bokxi! Save Money
Party on with Bokxi! Party On

"Sure, I need certain things in my new home. But why would I go shopping for all those basics? Now I’m all set and comfy, and saved myself some time and money. Thanks, Bokxi!"

Susan White - Student Product Design Den Haag

What's in the box?

Each Bokxi consists of a carefully selected collection of products
See below what comes in each Bokxi.

Order your Bokxi now

Kitchen Essentials € 150,- Order
Bathroom Essentials € 80,- Coming soon
Bedroom Essentials € 85,- / € 105,- Coming soon